I believe in a world where 

the 'woo' is no longer taboo 

& your 'weird' is your greatest wisdom.






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Hi, I'm Jess

I get it...


You are a paradigm shiftin', intuition followin', natural born leader who creates & lives authentically from the heart.


I’m here to teach you how to develop an unshakable bond with your intuition & soul level gifts to guide you & ignite new possibilities in your business, career, and life.


This is the age of intuition - the age of learning to:


... Be guided by something more expansive than the limitations of the rational mind


... Channel more powerfully aligned, direct guidance from Spirit with the people you love working with the most


… Create in ways that light you up and feel authentic, aligned, and abundant for you


… Magnetize the opportunities to you that invigorate and energize your heart and soul


... Create a sense of freedom & liberation from the inside out through learning to work with energy


So you can make your greatest impact while creating and living authentically from the heart.


Let's do this.


💜 Jess

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Jess's support taught me to listen to and honor my inner voice and guidance, which has increased my joy and sense of alignment in my life & business. She also helped me learn to balance my achievement orientation, which used to run me into the ground. What's so powerful is that Jess's work allows you to live your life with ease & enjoyment AND continue to experience success beyond your wildest dreams.

Lauren B

Intuitive Development Intensive Graduate

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Learn how to march to the beat of your own drum and access your intuition to experience more of your own magic in your every day life.


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