Hey there, I’m Jess!


I believe whole heartedly in the innate, intuitive power, wisdom, and purpose that lies within the body, mind, and spirit of each and every person on this planet. Each and every one of us has everything we need within us. We’re living during an exciting time in life where we’re waking up to our innate intuitive gifts which gives each of us ‘the plan’ one step at a time.

I believe in living your fullest most heart centered life, the life that feels right for YOU. It’s not about living someone else’s truth but about living your own truth.

I am on a mission to help awaken the collective consciousness to the absolutely amazing gifts that live within them so each of us can experience our own divinity & share our gifts with the world.

As for me, I am a natural born Intuitive Medium & started my career as a Speech Pathologist. As much as I loved the families I worked with, I kept feeling this deep inner calling that there was something else I was meant to be doing. That’s when I turned to learning about spirituality and opening to my purpose.

When I was younger, I always just thought I had really good “ESP” but once I started learning more about spirituality, I started to realize these synchronicities were no ‘coincidence.’ I started working with mentors to develop and strengthen my own innate intuitive abilities. As I strengthened and clarified my intuitive abilities, I began offering intuitive readings and helping my clients to find their truth path and purpose in life.

What I found over time was that although I was becoming skillful in using my intuition to help others discover their true path, when it came to using my intuition to guide my own life, I would sometimes listen… and sometimes not (to my own detriment!). I found myself overextended, overwhelmed, and burned out on always giving but never quite filling my own tank. My nervous system was shot and I found that anxiety was beginning to creep back in.

I realized things needed to change. This is where the true transformation and healing process began. The more I uncovered and let go of the old wounds, the stronger my own intuition and gifts became.

As I realized the true power of ‘heal thyself’ first, I shifted in my practice to not only teach intuitive development as a method to help others, but to help heal yourself as well.

This idea of empowering your inner healer to empower your outer healer has been woven through the fabric of all of the classes and workshops I teach. My vision is that each and everyone one of the students I work with learn to develop an unshakable bond with their intuition that can guide them towards living their highest truth and they can then go and share their gifts with the world.

There is a gift inside of you that’s ready to be shared. My intention is that through your own self mastery, you discover and share that gift to light up help change the world.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,