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Hey Intuitive Soul!

It’s time for you to fully awaken to your intuition and step fully into your light.

Can you imagine what will be possible for you when you have ultimate clarity and connection with your own infinite wisdom?

If you’re anything like me, you’re a highly sensitive person & have experienced ‘synchronicities’ for most of your life.

Maybe you’ve strongly sensed what others are feeling or experiencing.

Maybe you’ve known about something before it happened from a dream or simply having a deep knowingness that something was ‘right for you’ that you can’t explain.

Maybe you’ve even known something was ‘off’ about a person or situation before everyone else felt it.

Or perhaps you’ve felt like you can sense loved ones who have crossed over.

Regardless of whether you’ve experienced some of these or all of these statements, I can tell you this…


You have a powerful gift.

It’s time for you to use your gifts to create your most authentic, joyful, and empowered life


“My experience with this program has been amazing. I've gained knowledge for everyday tools and practices for my intuition. Since the start of this program I have felt a shift in my energy. I feel likeI started this program at a point in my life where I didn't quite know what or who I wanted to be. After this program I'm on the right path to discovering who I am, and what my purpose is. Everything I have learned I will take with me for the rest of my life.This program is unique because it brings together a group of women or individuals in sort of a family connection. It's easy to be yourself, and share your stories with others who are similar to you. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone! It has brought so much light into my life, I want to share it with everyone!” - Breyanna H.

Awaken Academy is here to guide you to…

Awaken Your Intuition

Align with Your Deepest Desires & Gifts

Create an Unshakable Mindset of Trust

Manifest with Greater Ease…

Alongside a Community of Incredible Intuitively Empowered Souls Just Like Yourself…



It's hard to put into words just how impactful this program has been. It's put a lot more intuitive tools into my toolbox, and has brought a lot of beautiful abilities into my awareness. This program has helped me to truly awaken to my innate gifts. Jess is an amazing person, does incredible work, and I'm super grateful for her and her gifts that she shares with us. I'd highly recommend her program to anyone looking to explore their intuition on a deeper level.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Over the 12-Weeks:


Uncovering Your Desires

Each person has a unique vision and desires within that are ready to be discovered and expressed. You’ll learn how to connect with your soul’s deepest desires and connect with your higher self so you can create your most radiant, limitless live.

Connecting with Your Innate Intuitive Gifts

Learn how to strengthen all of your intuitive senses or ‘clair-abilities’ (claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, & clairvoyance) so you can receive more accurate intuitive guidance for yourself and others. You’ll learn how to strengthen your intuition to create a clear channel between you + your higher self so you can receive clear, reliable, consistent guidance.

Clearing Energetic Blocks

One of the greatest challenges most people face in trusting their intuition and manifesting their desires is the impact of subconscious energy blocks + limiting beliefs that impact their ability to listen & create. Your intuition says one thing, and your mind & emotions say another. You’ll learn how to not only identify blocks & beliefs but actually clear them in an easy & effortless way so you can receive clearer guidance and step more fully into your truth every day.

Energy Management for Empaths

Do you pick up on the energy and emotions of others easily? Learn the different types of empathic abilities, how to create clear energetic boundaries, and how to manage & cleanse your energy throughout the day so you feel more energized and clear when you’re around others!

Working with Your Unique Energetic Cycle

Nature exists in cycles and seasons. You are intrinsically connected to the cycles of the earth & of life. You are unique and have your own energetic flow that works best for you. Learn how to identify your energetic cycles + use the rhythms of your body as a guide to create more abundance and flow in your life.

Empowering Clairvoyance + Future Reading

You are always creating your future. When you tap into clairvoyance, you’re not only diving into deeper understanding of what’s happening in the present moment, but you can peer into the future as well. Learn how to empower your own clairvoyant abilities to clearly connect with the future and how to shift your own energy to transform a future outcome.

Cord Cutting & Energy Clearing

When we create relationships with others or even relationships with old stories about who we are and what we’re capable of, we create an energetic cord. This energetic cord shares emotional and life force energy between ourselves and others. When a cord is cut, it signifies opportunity for deeper healing within ourselves to begin. Learn how to cut cords, clear emotional energy, & create energetic boundaries to experience more of your own vibrant, radiant energy. Amp up your manifest-abilities by letting go of old stories of who you are and creating a powerful, magnetizing narrative moving forward.

The Pain Body and Mastering Your Mind

The ‘dark sides’ of ourselves holds the most potent potential for healing although we often push it away, brush it off, or ignore it. Learn how to embrace, embody, and learn from your darkside and heal through your emotions. Discover how your emotions & mindset are actually one of your greatest gifts and opportunities to step more powerfully into your gifts and purpose.

Meet Your Spirit Guides & Arch Angels

We’ve all got ‘em! Learn how to connect with and receive guidance from your invisible support team. Connect with who your guides are and establish a loving, connected relationship to receive loving, healing guidance whenever you desire it. Discover how to connect with the Archangels for guidance, protection, and healing so you can receive guidance & healing energy in any situation.

Healing with the Power of Crystals & Intuitive Oracle

Oracle Cards and Crystals are amazing healing and amplification tools. You’ll learn how to use crystals for healing as well as oracle cards for connecting with your intuition to pave your authentic path forward. You’ll learn how to use these tools to receive guidance on your next steps so you can move forward with more clarity and confidence.

Working With The Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Energies Within

We’re all made up of both Feminine and Masculine energies within which allow us to create in alignment with our purpose. If we’re too in our masculine or too in our feminine, we’re out of balance. Learn how to create with momentum utilizing both the divine feminine and divine masculine within so you can create a powerful, balanced, & harmonious life.

Consciously Co-Creating Your Life & Keep Your Feet in Both Worlds

In this final week, you’ll get clear on what you learned about yourself and the direction you desire to continue moving in going forward. You’ll set your intentions for the next 3 months and create your practices and vision moving forward so you can continue to live in your purpose, strengthen your gifts, and manifest your desired life with ease and flow.


Awaken Academy is a combination of

Individual 1:1 mentoring calls


12 live group calls


Weekly recorded lessons

Through the12 weekly recorded lessons, you’ll receive:

  • A guided meditation to use throughout the week to connect you in a deeper way with your intuition

  • A printable guide with all of the activities & action steps for the week

  • Weekly accountability assignments & check ins within the community

    ***PLEASE NOTE: These lessons are released on Monday evening following the group call for the next week***

The 75-minute LIVE group calls on Monday Evenings at 8 PM EST/6 PM MNT/5 PM PST include:

  • A special activity to dive deeper into the material taught during the recorded module

  • Q&A + live coaching for any questions that come up for you throughout the program

  • Focused community connection time where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a partner and practice your intuition building activities.



My intuition has become my greatest ally through Jess' online program. Jess is both a teacher and a mentor, combining a wealth of knowledge with hands-on experience. I feel more confident and trusting in life now that I understand how to connect with my intuition when I need guidance. The cherry on top is Jess - she is a breath of fresh air, SO fun to be around! This has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself.” 

-Kate M.


Awaken Academy was truly an inspiring experience both for my inward and outward journey. Connecting and learning from Jess, along with the amazing group of women she brought together, provided a supportive foundation that challenged me to grow, learn, and expand in areas I didn't know I had the power to. I've noticed a huge difference in the way I respond to stress, jealousy, judgment, and physical body health. The amazing thing about Awaken Academy is the opportunity it provides each person to connect and practice the topics and lessons that feel most aligned with them. Since we are all different in age, life stage, and personal struggles, it's been amazing to learn from other women and have them as support systems along the way. To my friends who are looking to grow and learn how to access their power within, I highly recommend Jess and Awaken Academy. Jess is a natural leader and empowering presence that brings out the best in people. - Sam S.


Class Begins May 28

(This is the Tuesday after Memorial Day, however the remaining classes will be on MONDAY EVENINGS)

The Investment

$1,697 Pay In Full Early Bird Pricing (until Friday, May 17)


$599 3 Part Early Bird Installment Plan (until Friday, May 17)

(Regular Pricing $1997 Pay in Full or $699 3-Part Installment Plan)

Ready for 12-Weeks that are sure to change your life and open you to abilities & possibilities you didn’t even know existed within you?

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