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Hey Intuitive Soul!

It’s time to wake up & hear the voice of your intuition and desires of your soul.

Are you ready to see what’s possible for you when you tune into your divine inner brilliance?

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You might be wondering…

“How do I connect with my intuition more regularly?”

“How do I know the different between the voice of intuition vs the voice of my fear?”

“How do I know that what I want is even the next ‘right step’ for me?”

“How can I begin creating and manifesting changes that I feel and know I’m ready for internally… but I’m not quite sure how to change externally?”

You are in the right place!

Join me for the I. A.M. Awakening 3-Day Challenge

Beginning Monday, May 13-Wednesday, May 15!


Over these 3 days, you’ll learn how to…

develop an unshakable connection with your intuition so you can begin manifesting your desires with greater ease and flow.

What does I. A.M. stand for?

Intuition. Alignment. Manifestation.

Monday, May 13- Intuition

Discover the 4 primary intuitive types and how your intuition specifically speaks to YOU so you can instantly connect daily to receive your next steps.

Tuesday, May 14- Alignment

Learn how to discern between the voice of your intuition vs the voice of your fear so you can heal limiting beliefs and develop unshakable confidence in your intuition.

Wednesday, May 15- Manifestation

This final day brings together how to integrate what you learned from connecting with your intuition and aligning with your unlimited possibilities so you can manifest your desires with ease.

Each day at 8 AM EST I’ll go LIVE on Facebook & Instagram,

you’ll receive…

(A recording of the live broadcast will be sent to your email that same day in case you cannot join live)

10-Minute Live Meditation

to guide you into deeper connection with your intuition so you can receive your next steps.

(This recording will be made available in the group for those who can’t join live.)

5-Minute Integration Activity

to begin creating immediate changes in your life so you can step into your authentic power.


And the best part is that it’s free!

Let’s get you creating lasting changes in the direction of your soul’s desires today.

Claim your free spot in the 3-day Challenge by clicking the link below!