Intuitive Development

Small Group Intensives

✨ Develop Your Intuitive Gifts 


At this time, Jess is offering a variety of small group Intuitive Development Intensives for coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs - as well as additional groups for 'emerging entrepreneurs' aka those who are interested in starting their own career in the healing arts field.


These groups are application based and the next round of Intensives will begin in the Summer of 2021.


For those who are ready to activate their soul level gifts & share them with the world,

I invite you to apply.


Begin sharing your brilliance and shining your light in the world- 

We're ready for you light leader.


It's hard to put into words just how impactful Jess has been. I now know what my intuitive gifts are & exactly how to use them whenever I need them. This program has helped me to truly awaken to and trust my intuitive gifts.



Jess's support taught me to listen to and honor my inner voice and guidance, which has increased my joy and sense of alignment in my life & business. She also helped me learn to balance my achievement orientation, which used to run me into the ground. What's so powerful is that Jess's work allows you to live your life with ease & enjoyment AND continue to experience success beyond your wildest dreams.



My experience with Jess and the Intuitive Development Intensive has been nothing sort of transformative! I really appreciate the container she has created to explore my gifts. It’s welcoming, warm, and expansive. It’s allowed me to further understand how my intuition shows up uniquely for me, and the amount of practice she coordinates is wonderful. She also does a great job of explaining the science and the why behind intuition which is something rare to find. 10/10 recommend!”



It’s hard to find words to describe how impactful working with Jess has been. When we met, I was confused by my high sensitivity. And now, at the end of this year, feeling so much more understood... not just by the community of beautiful people Jess has introduced me to, but also by myself. I have a deeper understanding of and access to my intuition and of the power of my gifts. I am forever grateful for Jess’s support & guidance into this new level of empowerment.



"Jess is both a teacher and a mentor, combining a wealth of knowledge with hands-on life experience. I feel more confident and trusting in life now that I understand how to connect with my intuition when I need guidance."



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