Begins March 26, 2019!


This is a 4-Week Class held on Tuesday evenings.

Class begins Tuesday, March 26 @ 5 PM PST/6 PM MNT/8 PM EST via Zoom Video Call. 

Sessions are recorded and sent out for those unable to attend live.


The purpose of this class is to teach you how to connect with, strengthen, and use your primary intuitive senses in your every day life.


Discover the Language of Your Intuition

You’ll discover which intuitive gifts you possess & learn practices to strengthen your gifts for use in your everyday life.

Distinguishing between Intuition & Fear

When you’re in fear mode, the messages from your intuition become distorted. You’ll learn tangible tools to discover when you’re in fear mode & how to shift out of fear and back into clear connection with your intuition.

Asking Better Questions

Most people don’t realize that when you ask questions in a specific way, you receive clearer answers. Learn a unique process of asking more powerful questions that allows you to receive more accurate intuitive information in an instant.


Though it’d be nice to sit in meditation all day, it’s not realistic. Learn exercises to clear your energy and connect with your intuition in any situation. From a busy subway station to the dentist’s office, you’ll learn techniques for tapping into your intuition that are simple, easy, and effective.

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