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Jess Bubbico’s mission is to awaken her clients to their intuition, purpose, & inner brilliance so they can discover their authentic path, & share their unique gifts with the world. Jess uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities to connect with your higher self, angels, and guides. During an intuitive reading, you can expect to:

  • Receive information regarding your past, present, and future to guide you toward living your most fulfilling life

  • Connect with loved ones who have crossed over who help to guide your reading from a higher perspective

  • Move through any obstacles or perceived challenges you may be experiencing with greater ease

  • Gain insight into opportunities for healing the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Create a roadmap for moving forward in your life in the way that feels authentic for you

  • Leave your session with a greater sense of clarity about your life

Please note: All Intuitive Readings are done over the phone.

30-Minute Session: $125

60-Minute Session: $175

Tired of wondering what your purpose is or what direction to take in your life?

Book your appointment today and start taking action to live the life you desire.


Highly recommended. I left my appointment feeling blissful and relaxed. Jessica is gentle and honest. She is the real deal. It was a great experience for me because she highlighted things I wasn't aware of, so I didn't feel like I was having someone tell me things I already knew. She is going to be part of my self-care regimen. -Chrissy C.

Jess is the real deal. Intuitive, clear, real and grounded. Each time I have a session, I walk away feeling better about my next steps ahead. I highly recommend working with her. -Jonathan W.

I had a wonderful experience with Jess. The information she shared with me was spot on...she saw that I needed more communication in my relationship. I wasn't sure at the time what this was referring but, after a month, a situation arose and I knew immediately that this was what Jess was talking about. I was so grateful for her knowledge and guidance. Thank you Jess! -Dawn B.

Jessica is so talented and truly helpful when it comes to discovering what's weighing on your soul. She helped me connect with myself and recenter my mind and also provided great resources for living a spiritually healthy and happy life! -Jackie O.

I had a unique opportunity with Jessica. She heals the body through the chakras and explains what she sees while she does it. I was amazed with the information and movement of energy. I was able to know just what my next move needed to be. Thank you Jessica for the clarity. - Ed C.

Jessica is amazing! I leave my sessions with her feeling relaxed, at peace, and with clarity. She's a beautiful energy to experience and an amazing healer. I highly recommend spending some time with her. - Amaraja B.