Intuitive Energy Healing Session

Jess’s mission is to empower her clients to awaken to the limitless potential within and live the fullest expression of who they are. Jess uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities to connect with your higher self and receive guidance on how to best move forward in your life. She combines her intuitive abilities with Inner Child work & Theta Healing® to clear energetic blocks that cause mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages.

Theta Healing® is an energy healing technique accessed through meditation and visualization that helps to clear subconscious beliefs that lead to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. This technique has been known to aid in healing physical ailments as well as provide emotional & mental relief and break throughs. You can learn more about Theta Healing® by clicking here.

You can expect to leave your session with any of the following:

  • Guidance from your higher self, angels, guides, and loved ones on how to move forward in your life with greater ease, flow, and fulfillment

  • Mental and emotional clarity and relief

  • Physical relief from ailments that may cause a disruption in your daily life

  • A road map for creating more of what you desire in your life

75-minute sessions with Jess are $175


“I had my intuitive energy healing session with Jess last night and it was incredible. I am so happy that I was able to experience this. 

I have a lot of negative beliefs and stories that center around Money. Prior to our session, I was thinking of stopping some things that have been really important to me because I just don't know how to keep making everything work. A lot of this centers around my finances. I thought maybe I'll just stop here quit working so hard and just figure something else out. Maybe this just isn't it.

What was so cool was that one of the things Jess told me was that a spirit was trying to communicate with me. The message from my spirit friend? "Keep going. Remember how strong you are, don't quit and stop listening to the negative energies." Ok, so here I am five minutes into our call and I am already crying.

Then we started going into the actual theta session. It was magical. I realized in working with Jess yesterday that at the core of my beliefs was this idea that I am not important. That I as an individual did not matter. This made so much sense to me and I saw and connected how this belief has been affecting not just my finances but also my business and my relationships. It was really an "Aha" moment. Jess helped me do some energy healing work and today I feel so much lighter. 

The whole experience was just awe-inspiring. I am so grateful for Jess and this opportunity.”

-Mery A.

"Highly recommended. I left my appointment feeling blissful and relaxed. Jessica is gentle and honest. She is the real deal. It was a great experience for me because she highlighted things I wasn't aware of, so I didn't feel like I was having someone tell me things I already knew. She is going to be part of my self-care regimen. -Chrissy C.

Jess is the real deal. Intuitive, clear, real and grounded. Each time I have a session, I walk away feeling better about my next steps ahead. I highly recommend working with her. -Jonathan W.

I had a wonderful experience with Jess. The information she shared with me was spot on...she saw that I needed more communication in my relationship. I wasn't sure at the time what this was referring but, after a month, a situation arose and I knew immediately that this was what Jess was talking about. I was so grateful for her knowledge and guidance. Thank you Jess! -Dawn B.

Jessica is so talented and truly helpful when it comes to discovering what's weighing on your soul. She helped me connect with myself and recenter my mind and also provided great resources for living a spiritually healthy and happy life! -Jackie O.

I had a unique opportunity with Jessica. She heals the body through the chakras and explains what she sees while she does it. I was amazed with the information and movement of energy. I was able to know just what my next move needed to be. Thank you Jessica for the clarity. - Ed C.

Jessica is amazing! I leave my sessions with her feeling relaxed, at peace, and with clarity. She's a beautiful energy to experience and an amazing healer. I highly recommend spending some time with her. - Amaraja B.